On behalf of Scotland’s Moorland Forum, the Moorland Management Best Practice (MMBP) project is developing guidance to identify the best moorland management practices to help practitioners choose the most appropriate techniques in their local situation.

MMBP also provides links to information developed by others that is relevant to practitioners in Scotland.

The reasons why moorland is important have been set out and core elements have been established by the MMBP Steering Group to deliver appropriate guidance.

MMBP promotes three types of guidance:

Other Information

  • MMBP aims to establish a primary source of guidance for each topic.
    • Other publications will be able refer to this primary source, which will provide links to other information.
  • Wherever possible, MMBP will use, or review, existing guidance that has been published, or is under development.
  • The project will instigate a regular review of all guidance that has been published by MMBP.
  • The focus of the project is on providing information that will be of value to practitioners; the project does not seek to develop policy.
  • The MMBP management arrangements are set out and there is a Privacy Policy.