• Skilled and sensitive management is required to maintain many of the values of Scotland’s moorland.
  • The practical guidance provided by Scotland’s Moorland Forum aims to inform / be relevant to moorland management for any purpose.
  • Moorland Management Best Practice guidance aims to support / encourage consistently high standards of moorland management across Scotland.
  • Guidance must be easily accessible and kept up to date.
  • As every moor is different, guidance can include a range of management options and a range of approaches for each management process.
  • MMBP guidance aims to provide advice on how moorlands can be managed to maximise their contribution to wider society.
  • MMBP guidance is developed through consensus using practitioner knowledge and available evidence.
  • New guidance will be developed, and existing guidance adapted as agreed knowledge changes.
  • The guidance is endorsed by the wide range of interests represented on Scotland’s Moorland Forum.


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